Travel directories are the guide books which include information about different places and are designed so that it can be used by the visitors or tourists for making tour plans. This type of guide books are very much useful for a tourist because if a tourist know about the  place beforehand while they are going to any particular place, they can easily reach there and can enjoy the place. This type of books contains complete information about any place. How to reach there? What all things are present there? What is climatic condition of that place? What is the season of that place to visit? And many other questions are there, which can be clarified by these travel directories.


Normally a person who travels to different places doesn’t refer any travel directories or guides before they visit that place. They mainly depend on the tour and travel agencies which are present at that place. But in the tourist spot the travel agencies are not always faith with the tourists. Now if the person who is going for a trip and he reads the tourist guide beforehand then they he cannot be fooled easily. If they tried too, then also he/she can challenge them for that. Now days some directories are also available in different sites in which videos are also available which make the work easy. We can have a look before where we are going to spend our tour.


Now days travel directories are also available in the internet. In this type of directories they include different pictures, which make the directories interesting and people feels to read it. The presence of the picture in the guide books brings the original essence of the place, so that a person after reading it gets more excited to visit that place.

In much recent days videos are also uploaded in different directories, so that a man can feel the place while seeing it. Videos of different tourist places are also available which make the tour more easy and comfortable. After watching the videos a tourist can easily plan for a spot as because everything which is visible, how to reach there, where to stay, what are the food available there, what are the highlights of that place etc.  In short the tourists are well known of that place before they reach the spot.


As a tourist one should have travel directories with them while they are in their trip. They should carry it because in it every helpful information is present which can help us in any problematic stage while we are in the tour. When a tourist is moving to any place the guide who is present with them may make fool of them, but at that time if the tourist is having a directory then he can challenge that guide and can ask him/ her to move on to right place or to give the correct information. The travel directories also have the full information of the places. If in any case the guide is unaware of any place or don’t know the complete information of that place, then the tourist can refer to that directory to get the complete information which one should know when they to travelling to some place.


Many people can’t decide where they should go for a trip. Some people likes nature, some likes historical places , some likes beaches and some mountains. They get confused where they should go for their vacation. But if one refers to different travel directories then they will get to know about different places and their highlights. Then they can easily decide where they should plan for their trip. Due to presence of information, pictures and videos which are mostly present in modern directories makes us feel easy to pick a place for visiting. So for a common traveller a travel directory is the key to select, plan and complete a trip with full satisfaction and comfort which is the most important thing one needs in their  tour.

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