Whatever you budget is you can travel the world. But it is important to ask yourself a few questions first- How long do you want to travel? Where do you want to go? What you want to do? Are you flexible with your time and dates? What type of traveler are you? Are you traveling alone or with a partner or group? Defining what type of traveler you are or how open minded you are is a huge factor in determining how much money you will need for travels. Are you that type of traveler that don’t mind on sleeping on other people couches or cabin Are you that type who prefers to stay in hostels or you would prefer to stay In a Hotel. So here are some of the basic things that you can follow, help in cutting down your expenses and you can travel in budget-

Save Money On Small Things– The first step in planning any kind of travel is in looking at your little expanses, you can potentially cut out thinks like going out for drinks and dinner going out to see a movie and sometimes shopping may be, instead of taking a car you can any public transit to travel, so these are the very small things that you can consider and save money.

Booking Flights– The most expensive thing during travelling is to book flights, there is not hard and fast rule to reduce the price of the flight but there are something’s that you can consider with the help of which you can take a cheap flight-

Be as flexible as possible in terms of dates that you willing to find as on few particular dates you can get a cheap flight. Compare the price of the different flights.

Check out to more private companies so just research the areas where you want to go.

Do not travel during high season as generally the cost is very high during that time like Christmas, thanksgiving.

You should avoid weekend flights as flight price will be more on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Generally the best time to book the tickets is about 2 months advance.

Saving On Accommodation– Accommodation be generally your second largest cost when it comes to travelling.  When it comes for living in destinations hostels are the best place to live in, they are cheap, easily available, rather wasting your money on expensive hostels you can save money by living in hostels. There are also couch service in which you can stay in other people couch, you can also stay with your friends if you have friends there.

Food– This is the most flexible section and you can easily adjust it, you can eat street food and avoid hotels, street food is good you will also come across the different special food things of the streets and also it is very cheap as compare to the hotels. Also you can cook the food yourself in the hostel. It can also help in saving a lot of money

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