Travel Trends For Today’s Travel Agent

Trend #1 – Internet and online world

Each one of us knows that internet has now changed everything virtually, particularly Travel Industry. The Online giants such as, Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia have also revolutionized travel. Moreover, the travel Agents as well as the travel Agencies are now booking through the online mode while on the other hand; general public now searches as well as buys their vacations through the online mode. In fact, this is even well estimated about the fact that about 82% of entire of such travel is now getting online booked. Travel is known to be most researched kind of the topics on internet as well as it is even the most profitable one.

On the other hand it is also well said that internet is known to be simple as well as seamless and also perfect kind of the medium for entire travel industry. We usually point; we usually click, as well as we even pack our bags. Prior to the development of the internet, on the other hand, the bread & butter of an agent was only the commissions that is well earned with the help of the business traveler, predominantly the flights. At the same time, American Airlines is also first to pull out the plug on the word of paying commissions upon the flight purchases since internet has also started coming for their own as well as many business travelers are now looking for the better online deals.

Trend #2 – Marketing through Word-of-Mouth

The marketing techniques from Word-of-mouth have now been as well as always will be best and most suitable way to the market any of your products as well as services. On the other hand the statistics also prove that more than 80% of various such vacations are also taken for the reason of the suggestions from your friend, from your family member as well as your co-worker. You also need to think about last time when you came from your home from the vacation. Did you ever keep this as a secret? There is no such way! We usually talk about this for about 2 months prior to leaving and then we talk about this for more 2 months once we get back to it! At the same time we also show everyone videos as well as pictures! And it is also suggested about the destination as well as hotel to various people and tell them about that where we got such kind of terrific deal!

Trend #3 – Business that is Home Based

The Baby Boomers, Travel students as well everyone is bringing to the travel home! Leading agencies that are quite smart to follow internet trend, that even have gone online as well as now offer about the opportunity to be also professionally trained to always operate as well as sell travel from your home!! This is right! YOU may also sell the travel from great kind of comfort of home as well as get paid!

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