Business Travel Mistakes You Should Not Make

At its foundation, business travel is still travel. We all know that many that go on business trips do mix business with pleasure. That is why most of the planning should be just as when you plan a holiday vacation. However, at the same time, there are various extra restrictions that will appear because of business reasons. You want to plan the trip in a really proper way. This means avoiding common business travel mistakes like all those highlighted by Robinson & Henry below.

Not Timing The Booking Properly

Business travel instantly makes it really hard to get both cost effectiveness and a high calendar efficiency. When you will wait for too long the rates will be higher. At the same time, when you book too early, high fees appear if last-minute changes are to be made.

What you should always do is to book the trip as soon as you know that it will be needed. The ideal scenario is normally to book around 4 to 6 weeks before the departure date.

Round Ticket Trips Are Often Bought

In domestic trips you will normally pay the exact same amount when the round trip or 2 one way trip tickets are bought. If you purchase separately you gain access to an extra flexibility and you will be able to avoid the possibility of fees changing. There are changing fees that have to be paid when round trips are booked. When a plan changes those fees cannot be avoided. This is why one way trips are so often recommended.

Lack Of Loyalty Program

Chances are, if you need business travel, you will do a lot of travelling. This is why it is a really good idea to pick a good loyalty program and take advantage of all that it offers. Choose one that will offer the amenities and perks that you value the most. Brand loyalty is no longer reaping in the benefits it did in the past when sticking to the airlines but there are still many advantages that can be obtained. Airline loyalty does count. A frequent flyer status is going to make it much more affordable to travel for business reasons. Similarly, you can always prioritize a relationship with a specific car rental company or hotel chain. This brings in numerous possible savings.

You Do Not Used Gained Points

In many situations you will see that you are signing up for different loyalty programs. On the long run there are many points that are gained in these programs. Unfortunately, in many situations we see that these points are not actually used. Try to avoid this situation. Always look at how many points are available and check status to see if there is some sort of discount that could be obtained. You could at least get some extra travel perks in many cases.


At the end of the day you want to be sure that you know everything about the business travel arrangements that you make and that you take advantage of all the opportunities available. This practically means that you have to investigate and control everything.

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