Useful Travel Sites and Apps in the European Region

There was a time when traveling was limited to work conferences and was frustrating to even plan it. Soon after, people all around the world started to connect to each other through different social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, etc. and sightseeing and uploading pictures of famous landmarks around the world became a thing.

However, since traveling has become such a trend, more and more people started to spend their summer, winter and other holidays traveling, airports and tourists-attractions have become over-crowded. Whether it be your trip to Dubai, Paris, Copenhagen or Bangkok, just the thought of all the planning will leave you wondering if you even should take the step forward. If you have taken cheap flights to Copenhagen before, you might know how to survive in the European country whose language you do not speak and where you want to make the most of your trip on a low budget. And if you are a first-time traveler, worry not, dear readers. You will tend to forget to pack some things before taking on a trip. It can even be something as important as your passport or as little (but also important) as a toothbrush, your travel adapter, a pair of slippers or your credit card.

How to travel smoothly (without forgetting anything behind)

To be sure you do not leave anything behind, you might make a list of travel essentials – a list of all the things you know you might need during the flight you have googled, such as mentioned above, plus currency, gum, or headphones. You might also be worrying about how you will take a taxi to your hotel or dorm as soon as you land in the foreign country. You will also need a map to guide you to the places you want to be at and see, some change currency etc. Which is why, traveling experts (who have made the list of travel essentials), also suggest downloading some great apps on your smartphone, which will come in handy and make your trip to a foreign country a smooth and safe one. Listed down below are some of the best apps you should definitely download before booking that flight for your winter vacation!

  1. Luckytrip

This is the app you might need before booking that online flight, if you are confused as to where should you go this winter or if just want someone to plan your whole trip. Feed this app with just a budget and it will plan the perfect trip for so you don’t have to. From figuring out where to go, where to stay, what to do and where to eat, this app is a friend for every traveler in more than 300 cities.

  1. Momondo

This is another app you will need while you are planning your trip. This app basically works as a search engine to look for pocket-friendly flights and hotels, as well as when you land and want to rent a car or see places. It scans through your personalized profile (which will have all of your preferences) and book a flight or a hotel for you.

  1. Travel Bank

This free-of-cost app will help you create a budget for your trip and save your time if you are taking a brief vacation. Enter your total budget and Travel Bank will give you a report at the end of everything you have spent your money on.

  1. Uber

Uber is your best friend whom you will need as soon as you land and get your luggage sorted out. It will save you from the worry of waiting for a taxi outside the airport (and over-paying the driver) to get to your accommodation. You can’t take a public bus because you know nothing about the routes. Download this free-of-cost app in your phone before you leave your home for the airport. If you are traveling to a city where drivers don’t speak English, you might also get stuck explaining the routes to your driver. Just enter your drop location and you are set to go. After your trip, the driver will show you how much you have to pay him on his phone screen, which will save you from the trouble of over-paying as a tourist.

  1. XE Currency

If you are traveling to a European region from an American, Asian or African country, you will need to exchange your currency to theirs. However, currency exchangers have a way of looting tourists by showing them wrong rates. This app is the best currency converter app out there that helps you save your pennies while dealing with money exchange and their unfamiliar rates.

  1. Google Maps

You might have already had this app on your phone. This app will save you from so much trouble in an unknown city, from not getting lost to locating your hotel and looking for a restaurant, museums or other popular places nearby. It is known as the best online (which also works offline) navigation app that offers travel by almost all means such as a car, public bus, cabs, bicycle as well as on foot.

  1. Airbnb

This app is a traveler’s best friend. Before you even land in a city (and especially if you are on a budget), you will need a place to stay. Airbnb will show you places to rent out, homes and rooms so you feel at home in a strange place. The app has also started to offer “Airbnb Experiences” which will take you to ride bikes, get cooking lessons, climb mountains etc. on your trip.

  1. Google Translate

A language barrier can be the biggest hurdle, especially if you are traveling to Germany, Denmark or France, as some locals (whom you want to interact with to understand their culture, traditions etc.). Google Translate will help you remove that, now you can talk to a local and ask them for the best street food in London or healthy-flirt with your Spanish tour-guide without giving that awkward “I don’t get you but I am pretending to be nice” smile. The app uses machine learning to translate more than 100 languages just by typing the text or phrase.

National Trust/English Heritage Days Out

One of the top reasons why people travel is because they either want to see famous landmarks or meet people from the farthest corners of the world to understand their cultures and traditions. These two apps will help you scan through hundreds of heritage locations, as well as natural wonders.

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