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Top business travel tips of your planning to visit Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario. It is the largest city in Canada. It is a good idea to go for a to Toronto. This place is highly rich in culture and is the place of attraction for shopping, galleries, restaurants etc. in order to explore any place; you must have a good travel idea.  The city is famous for its Royal museum. It is one of the most famous tourists attracting point. Annually it serves more than 52million visitors. Toronto covers an area of about 630 square kilometers.

business travel

Get to know all about travels and food in Toronto

  • CN tower- It means the Canadian tower, it was built to represent the railway of Canada. Until 2007 it was the world tallest skyscraper. It was completed in the year 1976. It was also included in the wonders of the world. Currently, it is the ninth tallest skyscraper in the world.
  • Toronto zoo-Since 1974 the Toronto zoo is serving people. It is the largest zoo in Canada.  It is spread over the area of 710 acres and it is divided into 7 different categories. At present, it is sheltering over 5,000 animals including fishes too.
  • Ripley aquarium-It is the world’s largest aquarium. It consists of 5.7 million liters of water with more than 450 species of fish. It was originally planned to build this I the year 2004 and it opened up to the public in the year 2013.
  • Royal Ontario museum-It is the largest museum in Canada. It was established in the year 1912. This museum maintains a relationship with the University of Toronto. It also holds an international position.
  • Ontario science center- It is a science museum in Toronto. It consists of 3 building and was built in 1969. The most attracting thing in the museum is the display of Mona Lisa.


Restaurants in Toronto

  • Carens wine and cheese bar
  • Jamie Kennedy at the garden
  • Truffles restaurant
  • Southern accent.

These were some top restaurants and bar of Toronto. It is the best place to check out even if you are on business travel or on a family holidaying.

Hotels with an address in Toronto

o   Cosmopolitan situated in 8 Colborne Street, Toronto. It has 97 rooms.

o   The Hazelton hotel situated at 118 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto.

o   Hotel le German situated in 30 mercer street, Toronto.

o   Le royal meridian king Edward at 37 king street east, Toronto.

o   The Fairmont Royal York situated at 100 front streets west, Toronto.

o   The four season hotel at 21 Avenue Road, Toronto

o   Park Hyatt Toronto at 4 Avenue Road, Toronto

o   Windsor arms hotel located at 18 St.thomas street Toronto.

These were some details that one will require if they are on business travel to Toronto. The place provides several new experiences. The marketing area of the place is highly developed. This city is rich and has a good contribution to its economy. The city of Toronto is also named as the lonely planet of the world. One must not miss the chance to visit this place.

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