7 Exciting Water sports activities in the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the top-rated tourist destinations for all age groups of people. The place is known for the unending fun-loving adventures and thrill-seeking travelers.

the best water sports activities in the Maldives

Here is a list of the best water sports activities in the Maldives:

1] Catamaran Sailing

One of the best water sports activities in the Maldives, Catamaran sailing is not just adventurous, it is peaceful. The clear blue waters and the nature around you will fill you up with a tranquility that is difficult to ignore. If you are looking for a break from everything, try this. Don’t forget your camera because you will want to capture the view. Remember, December to March is the best time to visit.

2] Kayak rides

Paddle for yourself in the midst of the great blue ocean. This isn’t only one of the best water sports activities in the Maldives. This is a liberating experience. Especially if you are scared of doing things on your own, or scared of the water, start with this gentle and beautiful step to get over your fears. Visit between April and. September for the best weather and great deals on the kayak rides.

3] Snorkeling

This is the best of the best water sports activities in the Maldives. You don’t even need to know how to swim in order to go snorkeling safely with the fins, masks, and safety gear on. You get to go to the ocean bed, of course on the shallow side but it is no less fun. All you need to know is how to paddle and float, which is something that comes naturally to most. July to September is the best time to try this one out.

4] Kite Surfing

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to fly a kite at the beach or right above the ocean? This is what you get to do in the Maldives. April to October is the best time for this sport since the skies are clear. But you can try other times as well. It is a simple yet lovely activity.

5] Dinghy ride

These boats with glass bottoms will give you the ultimate ocean travel feel. You get to see the corals from above. You get to feel like you are gliding right over the sea world. This feeling will make anybody feel as excited as a child feels walking into the clouds for the first time.

6] Jetskiing

This is obviously Maldives’ favorite sport and we don’t have to explain why. Don’t give up until you get the hang of it and really start enjoying it. It is addictive. Don’t forget a life jacket though.

7] Scuba Diving

You can handle snorkeling, but can you handle this? Of course, you can. The instructors will ensure you dive right and your safety gear will prevent you from drowning or drifting while you are lost in the magical ocean world.

Do not miss these 7 water sports when you are in the Maldives. Take out time for some best water sports activities in the Maldives, if you are active and thrill loving kind. If you are on a short trip, enjoy at least 2 of these sports in a single day to cover them all.

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