Sydney’s top attractions 

Explore the top adventures in Sydney

Sydney is the capital city of Australia. The city is rich in technologies and in the economy also. There are many tourist attractions in the city. Among the all the opera house is Sydney’s top attraction. The city has also hosted many international sports and culture. The city is a hub of education, entertainment, manufacturing, human capital. Sydney ranks 11th position in the list of top world economic countries. This city is also termed among the expensive cities of the world and at the same time, it is also termed as the best place to live in. after getting a short description of the place let’s move on to Sydney’s top attractions and destinations.’s-top-attractions-1.jpg?resize=600%2C400&ssl=1

Sydney’s top attraction that one must not forget to visit

  • Manly beach- The manly beach is among Sydney’s top attraction, the place is best for party lovers and also the best spot to hang out with friends and families. There are many resorts, bars, and restaurant available to accompany your trip. Sunbath, swimming, boating and the night DJ are the best things to experience here.
  • Luna park-among Sydney’s top attraction Luna park is one of the Sydney is among the best place to plan your family vacation. Luna park of Sydney will be the best place to visit with your kids. The park is designed well with glasses and it is an attraction to the tourist as the park contains different species of wildlife.
  • Wattamolla royal national park-your trip to Sydney will be incomplete without visiting the Wattamolla royal national park.  In the list of Sydney’s top attraction, it is ranked number 8th. The park is rich with flora and fauna, one can see different species of flora and fauna, apart from it the waterfall of the park is jaw-dropping. The beautiful waterfall is the perfect example of nature’s beauty and creativity.
  • Opera house-it is an international tourist destination. The complex provides platforms for performing different arts and cultural events. With the record of 40 shows per week, this is the most visited place of the city. Apart from the function of the opera house, the structure and the designs of the building has also attracted the people. If you ever visit Sydney then do not miss this place.
  • Bass &flinders cruises- if you love to take a boat ride then you must try bass & flinders cruises in Sydney. It offers you a whole day boat ride with lunch and dinner. One can enjoy their time with friends and family.

List of some other Sydney’s top attractions that one must not forget to do

o   Sydney snowy mountain tour

o   Walk on the beaches of Sydney

o   Cruise and water activities

o   Sky drive and balloon

As the place is an island country so there are many water activities available here. Sydney id the best place to visit with your family and friend there are many more tourist attractions and activities to do. A day is not enough to cover everything so one make a plan of 4 to 5 days in order to grab the best part of Sydney’s top attractions and destinations.

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