Tips to enjoy the Komodo Island cruise

A cruise is a once in a lifetime experience that you want to enjoy again and again. The cruise around the Komodo Island is one of the most unique that you can ever experience.

For that reason, here are some tips to help you enjoy your time as you take this beautiful and unique cruise around the Indian Ocean.

Book early

To have the best experience with your Komodo Island cruise, it is important that you book early. Otherwise, you may miss a position on the unique phinisi boat that is provided by the hotel for your three-day cruise.

With numerous types of boats and a large number of tourists lined up to take the available cruises, book early to enjoy your cruise.

Decide early on the cruise you want to take

There are different cruises offered by the Ayana Hotels. You can choose the week long or three-day cruise that has you around the ocean a few nights and days.

You can also choose the day long cruises. These are available every morning and one needs to be ready the night before. They begin right after breakfast for a great day of adventure and learning all around the ocean.

Experience the different boats for the cruise

The phinisi boat is the unique flagship Ayana hotels cruise boat. With a capacity of eighteen, it offers the best opportunity for families or groups of friends to spend some time together over the ocean.

Another boat that you can cruise in, is the glass bottom boat. Available for day cruises, it has a capacity of 30. `The glass floor gives cruise goers a great view of the marine life under the sea wherever the boat goes.

Also available is a boat that can be chartered by small groups for a cruise during the day or night.

Enjoy your stay at the Ayana Hotel

The Ayana Hotel is a five-star hospitality service provider. As the owner of the boats that you will have your cruise in, a stay at one of their numerous hotels will make your cruise preparations easier.

Ayana hotels provide high standards of quality and service. They have beautifully decorated rooms that offer comfort, privacy and intimacy. Other services that they offer include a cooking class and numerous restaurants and beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

Don’t do it alone

To better enjoy the cruise, do not go at it alone. Find someone or a group that you can enjoy the cruise with. The Phinisi boat is available to wedding parties and other groups to enjoy a three day and night cruise.

Learn how to dive

When taking the Komodo cruise in the Indian Ocean, there will be opportunities to dive deep into the ocean.

Often, only those trained and certified are allowed to take the deep dives. This is an opportunity for you to gain a new skill and to experience marine life in the depths of the ocean.

Carry your swimming gear

Ensure that you pack your swimming gear when ready to take on the Komodo Cruise. Once your scheduled activities for the day are completed, you will have lots of time to swim in the ocean.

Scheduled swimming activities include deep sea diving and snorkeling where you get to see rare species of marine life and the beautiful coral reefs beneath the ocean.

Enjoy the Komodo National Park

Some of the Komodo cruise packages ensure that they take their clients to visit the endangered Komodo Dragon park. In this park, you get a firsthand experience with the Komodo dragons, the largest lizards on earth.

This will be an unforgettable experience for your cruise period.


The Komodo island cruise is an enjoyable cruise that opens your eyes to the beauty of the Indian Ocean and helps you gain new life skills such as deep-sea diving.

With these tips, you will be better prepared for your next cruise.


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