10 Of The Best Reasons To Travel Kashmir

Cashmere is one of the moments you feel comfortable wandering in an incredible world. The elegance is not only the terms that attract tourists, it makes other filmmakers ‘ dream spot. You have shot the movies in this lovely area, and there are several places to visit in this town, which gives us every reason to visit Cashmen. Not just that, you can consider the many worship spots, trekking places, beaches, gardens and shopping areas that you have not experienced before. This beautiful location offers a unique tourist accommodation facility in houseboats, five-star hotels and resorts to allow you stay again and again and to explore Kashmir.

The Breathtaking Landscapes

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There would be no one who does not love nature on this earth. We still enjoy nature, but in noisy societies no one can see it. Kashmir has everything that produces beautiful sceneries together, including mountains, thick forests, lush forest, grasslands and rivers. All those naturally beautiful places make Kashmir an Earth’s paradise from the Aru valley to Saffron hills, Zabarwan mountain range to the Chashme Sahi, Badam Vari to Apple Garden, Almond trees to Chinar Tress. Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonmarg are a few of the wonderful places everyone enjoys traveling.

Enjoy the Wonderful Climate

Plan your trip to Cashmire in summer heat, when the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius. The beauty of Cashmere comes even during the worst summer months, and you can see colorful roses, lush wetlands and Chinar trees in the valley between March and May. The new spring phase in the Kashmir Valley can overall be experienced. You will appreciate a stunning snowfall that would be an amazing experience if you schedule your tour in the winter season. The snow-capped mountains cover the surroundings, and the white trees look magnificent and give everyone a happy feeling. In Dal Lake in Srina you can also catch the most magnificent view of sunrise and sunset

An Amazing Experience of  Pristine Lakes

Your journey to Cashmir is not over without a Dal Lake travel and these lakes are a great reason to schedule your trip to Cashmire. It has been one of the favorite places for visitors to catch the beautiful images, as do shutterbugs. Shikaras and the house boats are Dal Lake’s most famous sight. Here you can view floating and nice flowers ‘ markets and gardens and various other sights. As the largest freshwater lake of Asia, Wular Lake is also popular. It is surrounded by luxuriant green areas and mountains, as well as numerous water birds. Nagin Lake provides the perfect peace and quiet for your rest. The list doesn’t stop here; the biggest destinations for tourists are the waterholes like Gadsar, Gangabal, Tso Moririm, Pangong and Mansar. The waterholes in Jammu and Cashmir give a beautiful scenery.

Gorgeously Adventurous Trekking Points

The Kashmir Valley is the best place to stay, hike, and mountaineer, flanked by the Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal. You will enjoy the most charming views of the mountains, lakes and meadows on your journey to this beautiful land. Walking along the foothills of Gangabal, Kishansar and Vishansar lakes near the Harnukh Plateau, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is popular with visitors. The difficulty for trekkers is Aru-Valley, Kolahoi Glacier Trek and Yousmarg Trek. Cashmere is one of the best places for hiking, with endless enjoyment.

A Land of Holy Places

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Kashmir is host not only to Muslims, but also for Hindus and other faiths to many religious places. There are various religious traditions practiced here and that is why Cashmir has several shrines and mosques. The temples of the Sankaracharya, Pandrethan, Sharika Devi, Kheer Bhawani, Zeastha Devi, and Bhutesvara are well known to be the Hindu Temple in this beautiful valley. Amarnath Cave and Vaishno Devi are famous throughout the world with a large crowd every year. One of the most sacred places for Muslims is Jama Mazhid in Srinagar. Charat-e-Sharief and Ziarat Dastgir Sahib are other common places to visit in any season of the year.

Discover Art & Heritage in the Museums of Kashmir

In the museums that display the heritage of the state’s rich culture and patrimony you will discover the past events and lifestyles of ancient Kashmiris. The museums contain items such as sculptures, copper utensils, shaws, jewelry, pottery, blocks, weapons and metal materials which are evidence of the Kashmir’s rich sculptural output. Some of Kashmir’s museums were palaces that were built in ancient times. Several art galleries with old clothes and even a museum of old books can be seen here. Amar Mahal, Dogra Painting, Sri Pratap Singh, Kanchenjunga and the Stok Palace Museum are some of the most important Museums of Jammu & Kashmir, where you can see wonderful sculptures, historic objects, manuscripts, musical instruments and textiles.

Dive into the Kashmir’s History through Historical Monuments

You’re sure to pack your suitcase for the Cashmir tour with the stunning historical monuments of Jammu & Cashmir. The main attraction represents the cultural values is state monuments. Jama Sun Temple, Bumzuva Cave, Shankaracharya Temple, Khanqah Shah Hamadan, Pathtar Masjid, Pir Haji Muhammad Sahib, Jama Masjid, Hari Parbat Fort, pari Mahal, etc. Some of Jammu & Kashmir’s most famous monuments. Because of the famous ancient monuments, many tourists visit Kashmir annually.

Shop for Winter Stuff, Handicrafts and More

Shopping in Cashmere is an extraordinary experience which attracts many tourists as well as locals. Pashmeena shavings, silverware, handicrafts, ancient copperware, tapestries and more are inundated markets. The city of Kashmir, packed with pure sheep wool, has winter items as a major attraction. Other things to buy on your Kashmir journey include traditional gems, clothing, and Papier Mache products such as baskets, floral pots, and coaster sets.

Taste a Variety of  Kashmiri Cuisines

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Kashmir is a hub of streetfood and restaurants that encourage you to adjust your taste buds to your mouthwatering food. Various visitors come to Kashmir to witness a range of vegan and non-vegetarian delights. Taking Kahwah’s and Noon Chai’s drink. Consider Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Matschgand and Qabargaah for an exceptional taste if you are non-vegetarian. Cashmiri Dum Alloo, Paneer Chaman, Cashmiri Saag and Nadur Churma can be eaten by vegetarians.

Try Out the Deadly Activities

One of the main reasons for preparing an excursion to Cashmere is the spectacular Kashmir experience. If you lover of adventure, these items open the door to adventure fans in the lovely valley. The main attractions in Cashmir have been trekking, river rafting, shikarah, mountain biking, hiking, jeep safarah, hunting, snowboarding, boating, golfing and mountain biking.

There are, of example, hundreds of reasons for Cashmir to be called Paradise. It’s all so breathtaking in Cashmire Valley that you won’t be able to lift your head. And, what do you expect? Pack your bags to the Kashmir Valley this season and have a great holiday. For every reason it is famous, visit this beautiful place. Review the Jammu-Kashmir Train Time Panel and book a convenient route for your place.

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