10 Places To Visit In Mauritius For Every Traveler In 2020

You may have seen different parts of the world as a tourist. Yet Mauritius is a paradise for visitors, as it includes water, sea and sand under a single roof, on the southeast part of Africa. Holidays here can be an unforgettable experience because in Mauritius there are many things to do. The number one location for honeymooners should hold visitors on their doorstep: beaches, islands, forts, forests, libraries, malls and monuments. To make your search simple, here is a ready to tell you the best places for people of different interests to visit in Mauritius.

1. Trou Aux Biches

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Trou Aux Biches should be the first place to visit Mauritius for people who love snorkeling and swimming. This is an excellent place to enjoy a beach picnic with friends and family, with gentle beaches that are cool, shallow and clean water. When you love street food, hog in the many coastal stalls and cafes. Here you can seek a range of cuisines.

2. La Cambuse

Ultimately, if daring sports pump the adrenaline, you may confuse those you chose among the popular tourist places in Mauritius. Hold the beach of La Cambuse as a must. Located on the east of the city, it is one of the undiscovered locations in Mauritius. You would certainly be inspired by the white sand and crystal clear water, but beware as it is difficult.

3. Ilot Gabriel Beach

Situated 20 kilometers along the north coast of Mauritius, in the exotic location of Gabriel Island, Ilot Gabriel Beach is one of the unexplored beaches not many people know about. You can simply charter a boat to visit this island if you are traveling from Grand Bay. The picturesque scenery of sunrise and sunset are the best part of this resort. It does not only create a completely romantic environment, but also provides you with peace and calm that you will not otherwise definitely be able to achieve. This is one of Mauritius ‘ most popular places.

4. La Cuvette Beach

The La Cuvette Beach is located in the town of Port Louis and constitutes one of the most popular touristic beaches in Mauritius. It is one of its most beautiful places in the world. The best part of the beach is the vast spectacular views to the Grand Bay. It is an incredible place for you to chill with friends or family and have a wonderful time yourself.

5. Casela World of Adventures

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Safaris excited? Experience Cascavelle’s wildlife safari, a must see in Mauritius from many places, in particular for the Daredevils. Indeed, there’s no tiredness here on accessible jeep drives and elephant trips. Get equipped for face-to-face safari walks of tigers and leopards. This is without a doubt one of Mauritius ‘ most exciting locations.

6. Trou Aux Cerfs

A 605 m high dormant volcano situated at Curepipe, in Mauritius, is the Trou Aux Cerfs or the Murr’s Volcano. The well-defined crater has a circumference of about 350 meters and a depth of 80 metres. Specialists claim that in the next thousand years this sleeping volcano could become operational.

7. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam is a renowned Mauritian tourist resort near the Port of Louis, or Pamplemousses Botanical GARDEN. In 1770, Pierre Poivre founded this oldest botanical garden in the southern hemisphere.

8. Mauritius National Botanical Garden

The Mauritius National Botanical Garden is a must when you are at Mauritius. When trees, greenery and nature are one of your key points of interest Over a vast area, there are in 650 varieties of plants in the Mauritius National Botanical Garden. The garden has a bit of historic importance, since it opened in the days before by a French governor.

9. La Vanille Crocodile Park

The Crocodile Park of La Vanille lives to its name completely. It is home to crocodiles, some of the world’s most feared animals. It has a number of giant tortoises as well. The crocodiles are a showstopper in this park, but there are also several other reptiles and plants in the surrounding area. If you have butterflies, you can also see a wide array of uncommon butterflies in the forest.

10. Blue Bay Marine Park

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You will absolutely love Blue Bay Marine Park if water sports and snorkeling are your thing. It’s utterly breathtaking to discover marine life from the surrounding waters and see everything you need in Mauritius. A wide array of mangroves, seaweeds and even algae are also present in the area.

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