Beaches and Seaside Towns of Calabria

Located on the Italian mainland (the toe of the boat) at the southernmost point, Calabria offers some of the country’s most pristine beaches and beautiful countryside. There are plenty of opportunities to swim, scuba dive, snorkeling, water-surfing and sail around Calabria, including the opportunity to dive amid the hundred years old shipwrecks and ancient cities, with more than 800 km of the seafront. The land between two seas is often known as “land,” Calabria is wrapped up by both the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts and offers picturesque coastal towns and idyllic beaches.

Spectacular granite cliffs with pristine white sandy beaches, with or without the interactive shore stability or private beach clubs with facilities are all on the coasts of the Tyrrhenian coast.


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Pizzo is famous because of its church of the Tufo Rock near the beach Church of the Piedigrotta River. The area is also known for Tartufo–a caramel ice cream dessert and hazelnuts–celebrated here every August for a festival.

Capo Vaticano

Capo Vaticano is one of the most popular tourist destinations along the Tyrrhenian coast with its white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Facing stunning rock formations and secluded coves full of marine life, it is a good place to dive and snorkel. No wonder.


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Tropea’s pristine coastlines are always ranked as some of Italy’s cleanest. Apart from the glorious turquoise blue water and the spectacular white sandy beaches, the quiet village is full of historic sites, shops, restaurants and lodging. The Aeolian and Stromboli Islands can be seen in the distance on a clear day.


The fishing village Diamante is renowned for its sloping cliffs and the picturesque beaches with olive trees. The spicy hot peppers used on many typical Calabrian plats are sold in September at an annual Peperoncino event.


Scalea is another popular resort, highlighted by its beaches and its charming city center (from gray to rocky sand). The Scalea field is situated in the territories of the ancient Greek coastal colonies of Sybaris, and many of the significant prehistorical objects have been identified here.


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Palmi, birthplace of La Casa delle Cultura Leonida Repaci with a pottery and paintings museum and a stunning array of folklore in Calabria, is also on the Tyrrhenian coast.

Monte Sant’Elia

Monte Sant’Elia (first mountain peak of the Aspromonte Mountains) is about three miles south of Palmi. Their ridge is frequently called the Tyrrhenian Sea Balcony because you will have the best view of Sicily and the Calabrian coast from the summit.

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