The Best Small Towns in Massachusetts

Boston is the perfect place to visit Massachusetts as any major city is the biggest honor. Furthermore, if your travel requires, there are many other small towns throughout the nation that give something a little special.

Stop in cities like Newburyport and Marblehead, if beaches and ocean views are your thing. Perhaps take a ferry on the Cape Cod or on the Vineyard islands of Martha or Nantucket for a day ride to Provincetown. Take a picture of the feli or go on one of many walks on a perfect fall day westward to Berkshires.

The list of small towns in Massachusetts might last forever, but there are a few favourites you might choose to visit for now.

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

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The Nantucket Islands and Martha’s Vineyards are popular destinations in Massachusetts as the ferry from the Cape Cod can be easily reached. And there are a few small towns within which to visit–one of them on the Martha’s Vineyard is Edgartown. It was a popular whaling port back in the 1800s and still has a great deal of appeal. There are shops, art galleries, restaurants in the charming city centre, including Seafood Shanty, Alchemy and Vineyard Scoops (a must for ice cream). When you live on the island, make sure you have a ride at hand, as this can be a fun way to reach the nearby beaches and towns. Then, should you find yourself in Martha’s Vineyard, make sure to visit Oak Bluffs then Vineyard Haven.


Marblehead is a picturesque, picturesque seaside town just 16 miles north of Boston that provides mostly housing choices for bed and breakfast. If you want more of a boutique hotel experience, choose The Hotel Marblehead, which holds the history of the city intact and gives you modern amenities at this 14-room hotel. Of course, you want to see one of the local beaches while visiting a place like Marblehead — Devereaux and Preston Beaches are the ideal options in this case. For dinner, see Casa Mia or Little Harbor Lobster Company or the Three Cod Tavern in the 5 corners store.


Another cosmopolitan city, Newburyport, is in northern Massachusetts not too far from the South New Hampshire frontier. This historic city dates back to 1635–although nowadays its most popular restaurants and a picturesque core of the city are full of local shops and boutiques. In the warm weather, if you are in the vicinity, travel to Plum Island and spent the morning on the beach or stroll around the Sandy Point State Reserve.

Provincetown, Cape Cod

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One can not go wrong in any of the little cities of Cape Cord, but if you move all of the routes to the tip of the island, you can find yourself in Provinketown, which is known as “P-Town” to locals. The town is renowned for its homosexuals community and art galleries. Their annual Pride Festival is dubbed the Carnival of Province City which includes many gatherings and events.

It should also be noted that Provincetown is quite dogfriendly, with resorts like the Surfside Inn enabling friends of four to spend the night. P-Town is, of course, accessible from Boston by train, but also by a ferry.


Salem is regarded as the site of the Salem Witch Trials and a popular place to visit during the Halloween season, as this is the year when the Salem Haunted Happenings are performed for the entire family. More recently, from late November up to the beginning of the new year, Salem introduced the Holiday Happenings festival. Yet regardless of the time of year, you should take a number of spooky tours or discover the past of this town by yourself. So search out the iconic Hawthorne Hotel or the Lark Hotel Salem while picking where to live.


If you are searching for a little town on the sand, less than an hour away from the city (donate or flow, depending on the season of the year). There are wonderful beaches, Humarock, Minot and Peggotty to name but a few. There are several coastal restaurants including Riva Restaurant & Pub, Oro and the Lucky Finn Café. There is no lack of beaches.

In the Scituate there are not many places to stay — but that could just be part of its charm because it has no tourist environment. Consider The Inn in Scituate Harbor or take a trip over a city to the Cohasset Harbour Resort and Red Lion Inn if renting an house isn’t your thing. All types of accommodation can be reserved early during the summer months, if you prepare, especially if you are in town for an event during a particular weekend.

Hingham is another choice if you want to experience the South Coast while staying a little closer to the city.


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Within Massachusetts ‘ Berkshires, Stockbridge is one of many places to visit west of the Boston area. Houses and trains are the perfect venue for camping, walking, snowshoeing and more, from the music festivals and Art Galleries.

The area is beautiful all the year round, but mostly during the autumn leaf season because the leaves change color and deliver perfect picture scenes everywhere. The Norman Rockwell Collection contains Stockbridge and Berkshire Botanical Garden is another popular place to visit.

In addition to luxury resorts such as the Cranwell Resort or Canyon Ranch Lenox, the latter is only only a 10-minute walk from Stockbridge, other inns and bed and breakfasts are available for lodging.

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