The Best Things to Do in Los Cabos

You may find that your resort gives you everything you could want for leisure, rest and entertainment but that there is much to see and do in Los Cabos when you are willing to seek more fun and adventure outside of the hotel grounds. Our top choices for enjoyable excursions in the area are here.

Picnic at Lovers Beach

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This stretch of sand linking the Pacific to the Cortez Sea is ideal for an afternoon lunch and swim: the lions of the sea yap and play around in the bay; the waves are warm enough to be kissed during a storm; and the sand of the beautiful is situated under the Arco shadows. Take sandwiches from Señor Sweets and book a water taxi to the beach; there are nearby vendors at the dock. You may book a glass-bottomed panga-style boat or plan a return trip with the same crew. Don’t play the rough waters on the Pacific side, where the beach is called Playa de los Divorciados, because a couple of the currents can separate quickly.

Snorkel at Santa Maria Beach

Swine schools (so-called for their snout-like mouths), angelfish and clownfish rub in this quiet and peaceful blue flag beach along the tourism corridor, and at times they graze their legs. A small charter boat such as Cabo Sailing offers the best way to reach the protected marine sanctuary. You’ll be cruising three hours from the Cabo San Lucas marina across El Arco, eventually north-east to the peaceful entry, where you can enjoy beverages (beer, margarite, soda and water) and lunch. In order to save money, arrange rented or paid snorkel gear in town, a barbecue, and trips by car or taxi to the public beach.

Stroll Through San Jose del Cabo

The architecture of San Jose del Cabo and the quiet side streets contrasts strongly with the rowdy nightclubs of Cabo San Lucas— particularly when the little town hosts weekly art tours. The numerous galleries in the 300-year-old Distrito del Arte district open visitors on Thursday evenings (November to June) often offering glasses of little wine or mescal for the walk. Browse crafts at places such as the Indian hands, where the artists ‘ kiosks show handbags, torn tablecloths, and loads of breezy country clothing. In the off-season visiting? The galleries can still be a night walk away, but you have your own vino to offer.

Go Whale Watching

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You should not miss the chance to go on a whale watching excursion to Los Cabos between November and March. Every winter, bucket whales swim to warm salty waters in the region to give birth, and then swim northwards in the summer to Alaska. In some seasons, whales are plentiful, but you must be up close and physically to see those nice giant marine animals during action. In your hotel room window they are so numerous. Book a zodiac excursion, a little inflatable boat, in order to get the spectacular animals within easy reach.

Soak in Hot Springs

Underground aquifers include fresh water and healing hot springs for the Baja Peninsula. Book your ride to the Biosphere Sierra de la Laguna, a desert oasis full of freshwater ponds and little waterfalls for your travel to Santiago (approximately 30 minutes to the north from the airport of Saint Joseph del Cabo). This day trip involves a tour of ancient Santiago, a stroll and a dip in the swimming pools and lunting at a organic farm from your hotel into the falls.

Ride a Camel

Camel riding isn’t probably the first thing you think about, but the desert climate here is ideal for the animals— these camels actually come over from the USA. Camel Corps, an invention from the 19th century, employed camels as transported animals to navigate the rough terrain of the Southwest. Today, before taking a quick nature walk, you can walk across the sanddunes and along the beach.

Swim With Sea Lions

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Go on a trip to Cabo Pulmo, a coastal national park of great sea restoration progress. Scuba, snorkeling and fishing can be enjoyed here, or swimming with friendly sea lions, outside of the boundaries of the reserve.

Zip Over a Canyon

The Wild Canyon Zipline of the Tortuga offer a quick overview of the wild and beautiful canyons. This 8 ziplines show can definitely make you feel excited and happy. Here too, there are many various enjoyable events. Located on the corridors Cabo San Lucas-San Jose del Cabo, the Wild Canyon Eco Park is situated.

Drive an ATV

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Sit strong and get set for a wild ride while you cruise the desert and beach coasts. A variety of ATV businesses, including the GF Adventures, Cactus ATV Tours and the Wild Canyon, sell their adventures.

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