Best Places to Visit in India in May


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Nainital is one of India’s most famous hill resorts. This is the perfect location for boat trips on Lake Naini. Take a tour of the Temple of Naina Devi on the banks of the canal. There is a rope trip and the Tibetan Market can be toured. Located near Uttarakhand, it is one of the best places to rest in the season. Don’t hesitate to see a little wildlife in the Nainital zoo. Go on on the undulated paths to the beauty of the Himalayas from’ Snow Vision,’ where you can appreciate the Nanda Devi Mountain and the Tibetan frontier from the Nainan Edge. You’ll notice rhododendron flowers in the range to China Point. Many areas include Tiffin Top and Sustainable Cave Gardens.


This hilly town is located at 1800 m above sea level and is renowned for its beautiful scenic view of the Hills of Nanda Devi, Trisul and other areas. Kausani is one of the few opportunities to enjoy a Himalayan holiday in May. Tourists will appreciate views of the sunrise, cycling, bird watching, and others at mild temperatures throughout the month.

Do you know that pear farms throughout May would be comfortable and ready for collection? Many farms allow tourists to explore, participate in the harvest, etc. In May, the most famous attractions in Kausani are the Rudradhari Drop, the Anasakti Ashram, the tea farm, the Temple of Baijnath, Gandhi Ashram, and many more.


Would you like to spend a weekend in May? One of the famous escape points in Delhi is Lansdowne. As well as the tropical scenery in the summer fry, certain escapes such as Lansdowne provide a soothing elegance in nature. You can visit Lansdowne to experience attractions like Bhulla Lake, War Memorial, St. Mary’s Shrine, Darwan Singh Museum, Tip n Top, and more if you’re searching for a romantic nature surrounding them.

You will enjoy adventure events such as hiking, boating, cycling, traveling, and other things if you are an active guy. This is a last-minute holiday destination for many locals and foreigners in May. The destination is only 6 hours away from Delhi.


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In the summer in India, it’s easy to get back to nature and Mcleodganj is the best spot to do so. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, this quiet hill town provides both peace and astounding adventure lovers. Summers are the best time to experience outdoor adventures and discoveries. The Bhagsu Nag Temple, Namgyal Monastery, Tibetan Museum, Dal Lake and more are the main attractions to experience in Mcleodganj.

May months travelers can also have the luxury of trekking, hiking, cycling, restaurants, adventure, and other recreational events.


This hill station, which is situated at a height of 2250 meters, is commonly regarded as the summer capital since the city is still clouded. The area is thus often mystical and nebulous. The average cricket soil in the world is also located in Chail.

The weather will not drop below 15 degrees C, and it’s time to camp desert, hiking, mountain biking, trekking and more. Chail is a nature sanctuary, the Sidh Baba shrine, Palace Resort, the Himalayan national park and other places to explore during May.

Bir Billing

Bir Billing is a famous glider in India, you would be familiar with. Bir Billing is the perfect spot because you are someone who wants to enjoy an adrenaline holiday. Bir and Billing are geographically two regions nearby that exist for paragliding as a point of take-off and landing. When you visit Bir Tea Manufacture, the Chokling Monastery and the Sherab Ling Monastery in May, you will appreciate it.

In addition to paragliding, tourists of May may enjoy crossing the gorge, hiking, rappelling and other sports. Will you want an exciting holiday? In May, visit Bir Billing.


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Would you like to abandon the grid and join the paradise of calm nature? The location for these travelers is Kinnaur. The diverse community of Buddhism and Hinduism is popular for Kinnaur. This is related to Mahabharata and in various mythologies to Lord Shiva. The best things to experience in Kinnaur are trekking, cycling, fishing, and discovery. Ribba, ReckongPeo, Nako, Sarahan, and others are the key destinations to be visited in Kinnaur.

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