In March, the Best Places To Visit In The World

Here is a list of the best destinations to travel to in March all over the world to help you plan your trip and satisfy your wanderlust. Scroll down to learn more about what you should expect to see and do in these beautiful countries in March 2021. Choose the one that best suits your whims and fancies so you can enjoy a memorable vacation with your loved ones in a new place!

1. Paris – France

Who wouldn’t want to see Paris in the springtime? Nobody wants to miss out on kissing behind the Eiffel Tower and sipping hot coffee while eating croissants and macarons in a street cafe. The museums and monuments of Paris melt everyone’s hearts. People who are big history buffs can go there without a doubt. In Europe, Paris is one of the best destinations to travel to in March. As opposed to the summer season, traveling in March has the benefit of not having to wait in long lines. The flea market in Paris is a retro fashion lover’s dream come true.

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2. London – United Kingdom

London is known for its unpredictable nature, grumpy British guards outside Buckingham Palace, and delectable fish and chips. If you’re in town in March, don’t miss out on St. Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day, and Beer Week. Vintage clothing can be found on Brick Lane, antiques can be found at Alfie’s Antique Market, and food can be found at Southbank Centre Market. So, are you set to travel to one of the most beautiful and safest places to visit in March outside of India?

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3. Rome – Italy

The perfect time to visit Rome is in March. Christians flock here in great numbers to prepare for Easter. As the winter draws to a close and the days lengthen, Roman temples bathed in the sunshine are a sight to behold, making it one of the best places to visit in March around the world. From Sunday shopping at the Porta Portese flea market to jumping to the roof of St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome has a lot to do. In reality, Rome has a multitude of shopping opportunities that will not disappoint you. Don’t forget to see these places when you’re out and about in this beautiful country!

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4. Crete – Greece

Crete is a venue with a tumultuous past. You could experience about 2,000 different kinds of plants blossoming in March and about 150 or more can be found here only. Crete is believed to be an ancient capital of hidden codes from the time of Theseus. You can go on a safari or see hidden castles and alleys; the options are limitless.

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5. Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is known for more than just Messi. So what makes it one of the best destinations to visit in March around the world? It is home to a plethora of breathtaking sights and landmarks that would render you speechless. The “Gaudi Tour,” which takes place in March, is a well-known event. Visits to the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, and La Pedrera are among the highlights. For example, Barcelona is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Europe. It is thought to be the safest place to shop and visit.

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6. Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is a magical and affordable settlement, making it one of the best places in the world to visit in March for history buffs, hopeless romantics, families with children, architecture lovers, and culture vultures! The musicality of the sounds at the Municipal House and the Spanish synagogue is worth hearing. Don’t miss the statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague in Mala Strana. Explore the old town square and all of the castles that will transport you to another time and place. In reality, Prague is home to two of Hungary’s most interesting castles, which you should not skip. In comparison to other European vacation destinations, this one is still reasonably priced and a must-see for all types of exploration.

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7. Marrakech – Morocco

The perfect time to visit this beautiful spot is in mid-March. Marrakech is well-known for its eclectic mix of cultures. Explore the Jemma el-Fna, a well-known location and market area with a 1,000-year-old heritage. Souks are typical marketplaces where you can buy shoes, luggage, nuts, and other products. Explore the palaces and museums to learn about the history of this stunning location.

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