Top Waterfalls Near Trivandrum

Kerala’s capital, Trivandrum, is known as “God’s own land.” It is known for the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, which is one of South India’s most valuable temples. And the city is appropriately named after the Swamy – Thiru-Anantha-Puram, or Lord Anantha’s City. The area is bustling with activity, but there are plenty of stress-relieving destinations within a few hours’ drive. You call it, and you’ll find it for your weekend drives: beaches, backwaters, waterfalls, or hills.

Relaxing at one of the Ayurvedic resorts is the perfect way to visit this paradise on the seven hills. The abundance of calming communities with plenty of greenery and waterfalls makes this the de facto weekend getaway spot. Waterfalls are always a good choice, and we’ll take a look at some of the best near Trivandrum.

1. Kallar Meenmutty Waterfalls

Top 14 Waterfalls Near Trivandrum That Will Attract All Travelers In 2021!

This waterfall is located in the forest and offers a snapshot of natural nature surrounded by the Western Ghats mountain ranges. Since it is surrounded by trees, visitors must go to the Ecotourism to obtain guest passes. They also provide waterfall tours with a guide. All that stands between you and the breathtaking waterfalls is a short hike through the hills. The Kallar River, which runs through this forest, brings still more charm to the already stunning surroundings.

2. Mankayam (Kalakkyam) Waterfalls 

 Top 14 Waterfalls Near Trivandrum That Will Attract All Travelers In 2021!

The Mankayam waterfalls are situated near Trivandrum in the forest region of Idinjar. The location has a beautiful view and is well-known for bird watching. The Agasthyavanam forest provides the source of these waterfall streams. There are many trek routes that take you to breathtaking destinations to satisfy your adventurous needs. There are small ponds at the bottom of these falls that are very enticing.

3. Kurisadi Waterfall 

 Livelihood lost sans Mankayam waterfalls near Thiruvananthapuram- The New  Indian Express

The Kurisadi waterfall, which rains pearls, is about 45 kilometers from Trivandrum. These hidden waterfalls must be discovered after an exciting hike through the forest trails. Our advice is to get to know the guide and not to do anything on your own. When you arrive at the waterfall, you will be greeted by a breathtaking sight. The lake at the base of the falls is said to have healing properties. Sharpen your photography skills for these woodland ranges will be home to a plethora of beautiful birds.

4. Kombaikani Waterfall

 19 most incredible waterfalls in Kerala - Kerala Taxis

The Kombaikani waterfalls are just 2 kilometers from the Meemmutty waterfall. There are no transportation options to get to these hidden treasures. If you like hiking through the woods, this second waterfall close to Meenmutty Falls is a must-see. The road to Ponmudi is breathtaking, with many hairpins turns to keep the adrenaline pumping. The stunning lovely views of the fall is the best gift after the long trek. After a long hike, the filtered water in the stream provides an excellent place for guests to relax.

5. Vazhvanthol Waterfall 

 Visiting the cascading beauty of Vazhvanthol near Thiruvananthapuram |  Bonacaud | Kerala | Travel | Waterfalls | Manorama English

The Vazhvanthol waterfall, which cascades down in three stages, is located in the Bonacaud gorge. It is accessible from Kanithan via a long and difficult trek via eucalyptus, bamboo, and manjiyam plantations. The appearance of such bamboo plantations should give you a clue.

The remote location will astound you at how little it is understood outside. This region is seldom visited by ordinary people, with the exception of nature lovers and enthusiasts. The forest is only open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Make sure you bring your own food because I’m sure you’ll be hungry after the challenging climb to the top.

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