5 Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit with Your Family from India

When you’re on vacation with your mates, the true science of travel is better learned. Imagine the excitement if you were on a family holiday abroad, sipping a mocktail in an infinity pool, looking at the lofty clouds from majestic heights, having beach affairs on white sand and sparkling seas, and watching the sun change colors over the snow-capped Himalayas. A holiday spent with relatives is unlike any other. Take a look at these 5 family-friendly countries to visit from India.

1. Bhutan

Bhutan is an international destination for families. Bhutan has lovely forts constructed on mountains covered with trees, colorful wooden homes, and Bhutanese people living in them who are happy to greet you with open arms. Bhutan dubbed the “Last Sangria,” has been named the world’s happiest nation. This country, which borders India, is rich in natural beauty, with Buddhist monasteries, challenging trekking trails, beautiful lakes, and plenty of greenery.

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2. Nepal

Because of the snow-capped Himalayan treks and the magnificent Mount Everest, Nepal is known as a backpacker’s Disneyland. Family visitors will marvel at the pristine views of the snow-capped mountains over the sun-glazed waters in Nepal, which is rich in vibrant history, stunning natural scenery, and historic sites. In terms of faith, this country is strikingly similar to India. Visit the temples in Kathmandu to reawaken the holy mind. If you have a thrill-seeking family, Nepal offers a variety of adventure experiences. Consider making Nepal your base for your July vacation outside of India because it is close to India and very inexpensive for all visitors.

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3. Jordan

Jordan has been dubbed an open-air museum because of its diverse architectural history. The nation attracts visitors and boasts a beautiful coastline, delicious food, and breathtaking natural beauty. Jordan has been shaped by many civilizations, including the Romans, Persians, and even Israelis. Jordan is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are ideal for history buffs. Begin your Jordanian adventure in Petra, where you can see sandstone structures. Then travel to Amman, Jordan’s capital, to visit museums, galleries, and enjoy the city’s nightlife. In Jordan, there are some camping spots where you can stargaze.

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4. Dubai

Dubai is synonymous with luxury in every way, large, brazen, and unapologetic in its opulence. This destination in the United Arab Emirates has all grand, fancy, and opulent, whether it’s in terms of accommodations, experiences, or shopping. Dubai is a great destination for family vacations with total rejuvenation, from high-rise sky-touching towers to breathtaking beaches. Dubai is one of the most well-known shopping destinations in the world for women. At night, the family will enjoy dune bashing and a desert safari. There are several amusement parks and play areas for children. In addition, Dubai has several historical places that you can take a guided tour of with your family. If you don’t mind spending money with your relatives, Dubai should be your option for a family vacation outside of India in July.

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5. Singapore

What are the most important aspects of Indian family tourists’ vacations? Transportation, food, shopping, nightlife, and adventures are all important. What’s more, guess what? This is everything that everyone in Singapore gets. Here, you and your family will learn about contemporary art and architecture. The ladies in your family will go shopping to their hearts’ content in Singapore’s shopping districts. If you have children, they can enjoy visiting the Universal Studios on Sentosa Island, which offers a variety of kid-friendly activities. In addition, family vacationers will indulge in authentic spa paradise at the finest hotels. When in Singapore, take a ride on the Singapore Flyer, which reaches a height of 165 meters (approximately).

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