Before You Turn 30, Visit These Places in India

When you’re still young, go on a trip. To find your own self, you must first lose yourself. Live as if there isn’t going to be another day. And everything you discover today will stay with you for the rest of your life. So, here’s a list of 101 incredible tourist attractions in India that you should see before you turn 30. There aren’t all vacation spots; they’re also places where you can get some wild once-in-a-lifetime encounters. So, what exactly are you asking for? It’s time to gather your belongings and go on a trip to cross a few places off your bucket list. It’s time to embark on a trip through India’s best tourism destinations.

Kutch – The Most Beautiful White Desert Stretch

Sunset at White Rann - Viki Pandit

Before you turn 30, you must visit Kutch in India. During the kite festival, travel to the no man’s land, a seasonal salt marsh amidst the famed Thar Desert, where the sky comes alive with colourful and oversized kites at one of India’s top tourism destinations.

Bir Billing – India’s Paragliding Capital

Bir Billing rose to prominence after hosting the first-ever paragliding world cup, attracting adventure enthusiasts from all over the globe. Bir Billing, which has more than ten paragliding spots, is one of the top 10 places to visit in India that has genuinely lived up to its moniker of “India’s Paragliding Capital.”

Bir Billing - Paragliding Capital Of India

Assam – the home of the one-horned rhinoceros.

Prepare to be awestruck by the Dibru Saikhowa National Park’s scenery, flora, and fauna. And this wildlife adventure isn’t like any other jeep safari. Instead, from November to April, events such as jungle walks and boat trips are offered. Embark on a cruise down the Brahmaputra River to see wildlife in their natural habitats. Assam is one of India’s best tourism destinations due to its surreal surroundings.

TIME8 News | Assam Floods: 20 Rhinos Die In Kaziranga National Park

Rishikesh – India’s Adventure Capital

The twenties are the best time to enjoy thrills and adventures, particularly with your mates, because they are full of excitement and enthusiasm. Travel to Rishikesh, India’s adventure city, and sail on the Ganges’ magical yet ferocious fast-flowing waters. If you haven’t yet reached the age of majority, Rishikesh is a must-see destination in India.

Flying Fox And Giant Swing at Rishikesh

Shimla – The Queen Of Northern Hills

Ride the colourful toy train from Kalka to Shimla through the pine forests and verdant valleys to relive your childhood. All should visit this best tourist destination in India at least once in their lives to experience this incredibly thrilling toy train ride.

Himachal Deluxe Tour – Wanderlusts Travels

Tirthan Valley – The Adventure Hub Of Himachal

Tirthan Valley, a tourism destination in India that strikes the right balance between harmony and adventure, has recently received a lot of attention from travellers all over the world. Tirthan, located in the Kullu district, has something for everybody.

Tirthan Valley : A hidden jewel of Himachal Pradesh | Travel and Explore

Jim Corbett – An Adventurous Jungle Adventure

Jim Corbett is one of India’s best national parks, and it’s known for its Indian tiger sightings. With the luxury jungle resorts that encourage you to remain closer to nature while enjoying the best of luxury, the forest here becomes hospitable. Corbett would never let you down if you’re a photography enthusiast.

Adventurous Jeep Safari Online Booking in Jim Corbett National Park

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