Best Travel Tips

Some of these travel mistakes may be prevented, while others are simply part of the experience. It’s impossible to plan for everything. However, remembering a few key points will make your journey much simpler.

Bring Lotion in Your Carry-on

Because they seldom have it in the lavatory and aeroplane cabins are so dry, I fill both sides of a contact lens container with hydrating lotion (I use this all-natural hydrating lotion).

Stay Hydrated on Planes

I get that being drunk at 30,000 feet is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot simpler to become dehydrated. It’s also simpler to get over jet lag if you stay hydrated, especially on long-haul trips.

Put Your Room Number & Hotel Address in Your Phone

Is it only me that can’t recall my hotel room number? There must be more like me out there.

 Inquire with the locals

We always ask the locals to recommend the greatest eateries, the best sunset viewing sites, the best coffee shops, and so on. However, I enjoy telling folks what kind of cuisine I’m wanting. I’ve been directed to several intriguing eateries that I would not have chosen.

 Free public WIFI should be avoided at all costs.

When I’m utilising free public WIFI at a location like an airport, I try to avoid logging into bank accounts or inputting any passwords. Once I’ve arrived at my hotel, I’m not as rigorous about it, especially if their wifi has a password.

 Make your travel plans known to your bank and credit card company.

If you don’t want your credit card provider or bank to place a hold on your card while you’re away, this is a good practise to get into.

 Put on some sunscreen.

SPF is in my face moisturiser. This is something I do on a daily basis, but it’s very crucial when travelling.

Cheap Flights if You Book Early

When I’m planning a trip, the first thing I do is book flights – often over a year in advance! Most of the time, the earlier you book, the better the pricing. Unless there is a discount, airfare seldom decreases in price (or an airline pricing error).

When I’m looking for a good deal on a flight, I go to Momondo first. It searches hundreds of websites for the best deal, including both mainstream and low-cost carriers. The calendar (or “map”) function displays the cheapest days to fly in the month of your choice!

 Allow for some spontaneity.

Make sure you don’t plan your entire trip ahead of time. I know it’s tempting, but those spontaneous moments on the road may provide for some of the finest memories.

Make sure someone at home is aware of your plans.

This is especially crucial when travelling alone, but it’s a smart idea regardless of the size of your party.

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