The Best Things to Do in Canada

Experience the Calgary Stampede

Calgary is recognised for many things, and there are plenty of reasons to come, but the Calgary Stampede takes over the city for ten days in July, attracting over a million tourists from all over the world. It’s a huge event that brings the entire city together. The Calgary Stampede Parade begins off the festivities, and it’s constant activity from there. At the Stampede Rodeo, visitors may see cowboys and cowgirls compete, listen to live music every night, eat free pancake breakfasts, ride rides and play games at the Calgary Stampede Midway, and much more.

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Float the Day Away at Little Manitou Lake

Are you unable to visit the Dead Sea? Don’t worry, there’s a similar experience to be had in Canada. Little Manitou Lake, located in Saskatchewan, is Canada’s equivalent to the Dead Sea, since it is high in both salt and minerals, making it the ideal spot for a float—and float you will (no effort required). A weekend or overnight vacation is popular, and there are numerous motels and campgrounds near the lake.

Relax in the Fabulous Mineral Springs of Canada's Dead Sea: Little Manitou  Lake |

Visit the Hopewell Rocks

The famed Hopewell Rocks may be seen along the Bay of Fundy’s beaches. These are one-of-a-kind rock formations formed over thousands of years by tidal erosion. The beautiful structures, also known as the ‘Flowerpot Rocks,’ have vegetation-covered tops that make them seem like gigantic flower pots. The nicest aspect is that you can see Hopewell Rocks at both high and low tide. Walk among the rocks at low tide and look up—way up. Kayak amid the tops of the rocks during high tide for a whole new perspective. There are also two sandy beaches to visit, as well as walking paths.

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Camp in Killarney Provincial Park

Nothing beats bringing your canoe up on the shore, gazing about and seeing nothing but nature, and experiencing the peace of the natural world around you. If you want to get away from it all, Killarney Provincial Park’s 400-square-mile wildness should suffice. Over 50 crystal-clear lakes may be found here, nestled between the rocky Georgian Bay Coast and the white quartzite slopes of the neighbouring La Cloche Mountains. The park provides vast backcountry canoeing and kayaking opportunities, with access to beaches, trails, and canoeing. You may also car camp at George Lake campground, which has access to beaches, trails, and canoeing.

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Try the EdgeWalk at CN Tower

Visiting the CN Tower is a must-do in Toronto, but you can take it a step farther. EdgeWalk is located beyond the CN Tower’s LookOut Level or Glass Floor, depending on your thrill-seeking threshold. This is the first experience of its type in North America. Participants take a hands-free stroll around the centre pod of the tower, which is 116 storeys above the ground—truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

CN Tower Edgewalk Experience

Check out Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park is Canada’s and one of the world’s largest national parks, with a total area of 27,841 square miles. The world’s largest beaver dam and one of the world’s largest herds of free-roaming bison may be found here. Take heed, birdwatchers: the park is also home to the last natural breeding place for the endangered whooping crane. Explore the various natural beauties on offer on foot or by canoe to get a taste of the many options for an overnight (or longer) visit.

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Explore Old Town Lunenburg

A visit to Old Town Lunenburg, the best-surviving planned British colonial town in North America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will transport you back in time. Scenic harbor-side streets are dotted with stores and restaurants that mix in seamlessly with the well-preserved ancient residences, giving the impression of walking through time. Spend some time looking through tiny art galleries, stopping by a café, or filling up on unique gifts.

Old Town Lunenburg -

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