Best Honeymoon Destinations in November

A November honeymoon is an ideal time to travel to a romantic location. Some couples choose to have their wedding and honeymoon at the same place, and there are plenty to choose from.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

In November, one of the driest months of the year, the ultra-romantic Phi Phi Island in Thailand is one of the finest places to honeymoon. The late-year temperatures on this Southeast Asian island are significantly lower than the scorching summer heat, making beach days more pleasant and touring more acceptable.

When the Thai culture comes alive with events, such as the annual Lantern Festival, when delicate, lighted lanterns are ceremonially released into the night sky, November is a beautiful time for couples to visit Phi Phi Island. Couples love the variety of outdoor activities available to them, such as snorkelling, culinary classes, and even swimming with sharks.

Phi Phi Islands In Thailand

Many private resorts are positioned along the beach on Phi Phi Island, allowing you to enjoy the sound of the ocean and the salty breeze blowing through your windows. On Phi Phi, romance can be found everywhere, from soft-sand beaches for midnight strolls to private boat trips to watch the sunset.

Sydney, Australia

For energetic couples, a November honeymoon in Sydney, Australia is a great option. It’s a wonderful city to wander around in and explore. You may enjoy the natural beauties of Sydney by walking around Sydney Harbor throughout the day, then relax in the evening at the world-famous Sydney Opera House.

There are numerous sorts of adventures, such as hot air balloon flights and walks, that you can take to get the complete Australian experience and view the animals and beauty if you travel farther out.

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Take a vacation to the Great Barrier Reef with your new husband if you like diving or want to learn as part of your honeymoon.

Goa, India

One of the reasons that honeymooners prefer Goa, India, is because of its unique beaches, and November is a perfect time to visit because the weather is somewhat cooler and drier than in the summer. In November, Goa has around nine hours of daylight, so you’ll have plenty of time to see the sites and relax on the beach along the southwestern coast.

A Guide For Places To See In Goa, India

The luxurious resorts with private villas, infinity pools, and exclusive beach access are another lure for couples to Goa. Many beach resorts can offer tours or additional couple’s activities such as beach massages.

The historic cathedrals that surround this natural beauty add to the romanticism of Goa’s culture.


Aruba is an alternative for couples who desire a Caribbean honeymoon in November but are concerned about the end of hurricane season. Because this tropical island is outside of the storm zone, November is an excellent time to visit and appreciate the island’s natural beauty.

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Aruba honeymooners can take advantage of the extensive coral reefs that are ideal for snorkelling beneath the beautiful blue sea. Rent a vehicle and take a tour of the island to see many of its natural wonders and entertaining attractions, such as the ostrich farm. Another attraction for honeymooners to Aruba is the ability to prolong their trip and explore other islands such as Bonaire or Curacao, which are only a short flight away.

Bora Bora

November is one of the finest months to visit the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora for a honeymoon. Warmer weather, less people, and fewer rain showers characterise the shoulder season. Although this unique honeymoon location in the Pacific Ocean is only six miles long and two miles broad, it is one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

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Bora Bora is known for its luxurious resorts and over-the-water villas, making it the ideal honeymoon destination. While you could spend most of the day staring out the window of your bungalow at the calm blue ocean, if you want to see more of the island, travel to Matria Beach, visit the coral gardens, or go on a boat excursion for sightseeing or feeding stingrays in the crystal-clear water.


November is one of the finest months to visit Cambodia for a romantic honeymoon since there is less rain. You’ll probably spend a lot of time outside touring temples like Angkor Wat, and bright sky will make it even more enjoyable.

For honeymooners, Cambodia has a variety of choices. The Angkor Wat temple complex, located in Siem Reap, is a beautiful place to visit and explore. On most days, it is also overrun with visitors.

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Koh Kong offers a more intimate experience with undisturbed natural beauty, where you may see Cambodia in its purest form, with mountains, greenery, and tropical plants. Although lodging options are limited, there are floating lodges and a peaceful romantic getaway.

Looking for a more rural Cambodian honeymoon? Mondulkiri Province is deep in the mountains and not particularly touristic, but if you’re seeking for a romantic retreat where you can be one with nature, it’s the place to go. You’ll witness elephants in the wild and some of the country’s most beautiful natural waterfalls.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A trip to Puerto Vallarta in November is a great option to avoid the crowded beaches of other more touristic Mexican resorts for your Mexican honeymoon. Puerto Vallarta is rich in culture, and the weather in November is pleasant, allowing you to spend long days on the beach sunbathing and swimming.

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Puerto Vallarta, or PV, is a seaside resort region with some of Mexico’s best resorts, so you may choose from hotel suites to private villas for your honeymoon. Enjoy coastal eateries and romantic walks along Banderas Bay’s Malecon promenade, or wander through the public market to pick up handcrafted artisan goods to remember your first vacation as a married couple.

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