Major Mountain Ranges in India

The Himalayas, the world’s tallest mountain range, covers five nations, including India. It’s hardly surprise that it’s the most well-known of India’s main mountain ranges. Three religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam—meet in the Himalayas. The range is mentioned in Hindu mythology and draws both holy sages and Tibetan monks. The Himalayas also have an impact on… Continue reading

Top Honeymoon Places In India

Jaipur The fragrance of grandeur and extravagance pervades the city. Explore the ancient culture while falling in love with the Pink City’s colourful pathways. This city is unquestionably one of India’s greatest honeymoon locations. Coorg It’s dubbed the “Scotland of India” by locals. This paradise’s splendour is worth admiring with your spouse. There are several… Continue reading